Not Since the Incident…

Incident Management

Have you ever heard anyone refer to an “incident” and curiosity is immediately sparked in your mind? It is no wonder; the term itself implies a serious event that caused harm, damage or change and is typically something you want to avoid at all costs. Especially in Power and Petrochemical Industries. The equipment in these industrial facilities is many times exposed to harsh operating environments involving high temperature and pressure, elevated levels of stress and fatigue, and chemically corrosive compounds. If not routinely monitored for their safety and integrity, an “incident” could ensue. It is this manner in which Thielsch Engineering open it is doors for business over 30 years ago.

Thielsch began as a failure analysis company, responding to incidents of failed equipment in the Power Industry to determine their root cause. Regarded as the industry experts in failure analysis and prevention, Thielsch is armed with a multi-disciplined team of knowledgeable forensic engineers. These engineers are experienced in performing on-site investigations into the root cause of failures as well as any possible contributing factors to industrial accidents, complex failures and catastrophic explosions, The failure modes we often investigate involve fatigue, fracture, creep, corrosion, erosion, low-quality welds, wear, improper material selection, poor design or improper maintenance.

Our Incident Management Services include:

• Accident Investigation

• Evidence Control & Impound

• Forensic Engineering & Failure Analysis

• Expert Witness Testimony

• Component Damage Assessment

• Coordination with Insurance Companies & Legal Parties

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