Month: August 2016


PROVIDENCE – Enterprises ranging from bridge designers to medical technology developers to snow removal services made it onto Providence Business News’ 2016 list of the region’s fastest-growing companies. Twenty local companies in four categories based on 2015 revenue were named as part of PBN’s fifth Fastest-Growing & Innovative Companies recognition program. In addition to the

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Code Compliance for High Energy Piping Presentation

Click below to download the Code Compliance for HEP power point presentation. This presentation is for viewing only, there is no audio included. You may contact Pamela Hamblin at 561-353-5804 or mailto:phamblin@thielsch.comfor more details or additional information.

Inviting Disaster? Code Compliance for Covered Piping Systems — Thielsch Engineering

We have all heard the term, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.” In the case of power plants that squeaky wheel tends to be boiler tube failures. Unfortunately, piping is quiet, until it ISN’T. It goes without saying that high-energy piping systems are essential to the safe and cost-effective operation of power plants. Unfortunately, the […]

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