Month: August 2017

Proud to be serving the nation’s second largest publicly owned utility.

Thielsch Engineering’s 4-SYTE program is proud to be chosen as Santee Cooper’s inspection and data management program solution for their fleet of boilers. Thielsch Engineering was recently awarded the fleet contract for the Comprehensive Boiler Component Tracking Program and is excited to partner with Santee Cooper in their efforts to improve reliability and maintain the

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Dissimilar Metal Welds – Opposites Don’t Always Attract!

We’ve all heard the term “opposites attract”; in fact we typically tend to refer to this term when discussing the magnetic nature between two people or two opposing forces. Many believe that some conflicting influences actually complete the character of a bond, resulting in the fulfillment of an otherwise incomplete union.  It is this difference

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Causes of Service Failures: How they are classified and the mechanisms drive them.

Although numerous conditions may cause or lead to service failures, the responsibility for a failure can generally be assigned to one of five classifications. Those classifications are broadly described as: Design Materials Base metal defects Fabrication Service In some instances, the responsibility can be related to a combination of several of these classifications. Although the majority

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