Month: October 2016

Boiler Tubing Challenges -Dissimilar Metal Welds (DMWs)

Designers of Boiler Superheater/Reheater pendants incorporate the favorable mechanical properties of stainless steel within these sections of the boiler that combine high heat and high gas flows. However, due to the high material costs, these sections are ultimately welded to more common low alloy steels. These resulting dissimilar metal welds (DMW’s) have a tendency to

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Stress Analysis vs. Risk Analysis for determining locations for inspection on High Energy Piping Systems

“If I perform a stress analysis on my critical piping systems, isn’t that enough to determine my highest risk locations for inspections? I cannot tell you the number of occasions over the last 18+ years I have been asked this seemingly simple, yet many times confusing question. You see, as engineers operating in the environment

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