Month: December 2017

Thielsch Performs ASME FFS-1 Fitness For Service Assessments

It goes without saying that safety is an important goal of any company. Although there is an inherent risk in operating high temperature and high-pressure components, it is important to reduce this risk to minimal levels. When flaws or other damage are detected, the decisions on how to deal with such imperfections have enormous economic

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Do you know the 3 W’s of inspection?

DO YOU KNOW What, Where and When to Inspect? Do you struggle with any of the following? Prioritizing areas for inspection, repair or replacement for your piping and boiler components. Developing a comprehensive scope of work that utilizes YOUR budget in the wisest manner. Locating critical information such as isometrics and blueprints, hanger data, material

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Pipe Support Integrity as Applicable to Piping System Safety and Performance

Main Steam, Hot Reheat, and Cold Reheat piping represent critical systems which can be subject to catastrophic failures. These lines transport steam to and from the boiler and turbine. The pipe leads range up to several hundred feet in length and may be as much as over 5″ thick. The loads on some hangers can

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