Month: March 2014

Thielsch Celebrates 30 Years of Engineering Excellence

Thielsch Engineering, Inc. is pleased to announce that our employee-owned company celebrates 30 years of specialized engineering services this month. Founder, Helmut Thielsch who sadly passed away in 2003, started Thielsch Engineering after his former employer, ITT Grinnell asked him to downsize his department. Mr. Thielsch presented a list of proposed layoffs, with his name

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Solutions for Safety and Reliability

4-SYTE continues to move forward into the future of information technology by introducing a fully customizable, interactive 3D environment that offers our clients complete control of their critical information pertaining to their facilities. The new 4-SYTE Viewer is a fully interactive 3D environment in which the boiler is your canvas. The program allows the user

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Boiler Tubing – Corrosion Fatigue Failures

Boiler Tubing – Corrosion Fatigue Failures Thielsch Engineering has provided a summary document on the power /paper industries approach in managing corrosion fatigue cracking within the water circuit tubing of high pressure boilers which include our own experiences within these industries as it relates to this failure mechanism. Leak type failures of water circuit tubing

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