Solutions for Safety and Reliability

4-SYTE continues to move forward into the future of information technology by introducing a fully customizable, interactive 3D environment that offers our clients complete control of their critical information pertaining to their facilities.

The new 4-SYTE Viewer is a fully interactive 3D environment in which the boiler is your canvas. The program allows the user the ability to rotate and move rapidly through the model while offering interactive images that will simplify and narrow your search for critical information.

Being able to isolate a single section of your boiler by simply clicking on the desired assembly, will grant our clients access to vast amounts of information, all customized based on specifics defined by the user. Interactive images are a reoccurring theme allowing you access to specific data at specific times. There is also always access to higher level assemblies making it quick and painless to get around to other areas within the boiler.

The program is also applicable for high-energy piping systems and allows the user to select specific pipelines and gather pertinent information such as labels and priority information. Specialized filters have been added allowing access to specific areas for information gathering without having to retrieve unnecessary data.  Additionally, the user now has the ability to toggle priority information immediately regardless of the area of piping or boiler that requires data retention.

Please view our brief, but visually stimulating video above to learn more about this advanced program that is sure to make your need for data collection much easier. For more information about this program and the complete 4-SYTE Strategy System, contact Pamela Hamblin-Smoske at (561) 353-5804 or by email

Select the image below to download lieterature on the program.

Insight ~ Foresight ~ Track ~ Budget
Insight ~ Foresight ~ Track ~ Budget