Month: January 2018

The effects of Cycling, Is it worth it?

A Brief Look at the Effects of Cycling Thielsch Engineering, Inc. provides planned, unplanned, and emergency services to over 200 power plants across the U.S and internationally each year. Our experts understand the complexity of managing power production and the factors associated with it such as demand, cost controls, and mechanical difficulties. One major issue

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Live Webinar: “Solutions with 4-SYTE – Work Smarter Not Harder”

Please complete the form below to register for the live webinar. Who should register? Are you are frustrated with your current method of managing your inspection and repair history for your power boiler and covered piping? Are you are having difficulty determining areas for inspection, repair or replacement of your piping and boiler components? Are

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Identifying Hydrogen Damage In Furnace Waterwall Tubes

Furnace waterwall tube failures represent a leading cause of forced outages in power boilers. These failures occur as a result of a variety of causes, including under deposit corrosion, overheating, erosion, wastage, graphitization, and fatigue. Under deposit corrosion mechanisms such as hydrogen damage and caustic gauging are often the most difficult damage mechanisms to detect.

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