The effects of Cycling, Is it worth it?

thermal cycling
A Brief Look at the Effects of Cycling

Thielsch Engineering, Inc. provides planned, unplanned, and emergency services to over 200 power plants across the U.S and internationally each year. Our experts understand the complexity of managing power production and the factors associated with it such as demand, cost controls, and mechanical difficulties. One major issue that we often encounter is the effects of unit cycling.

Most power generation facilities were designed on the assumption that they would be operated in a baseload mode or infrequently cycled. However, in response to local power market conditions and the terms of their power purchase agreements, many plants are now cycling their units more frequently than designers had intended. Ultimately this can result in greater thermal stresses, more pressure cycles, more cyclic fatigue damage and overall faster wear and degradation to the critical components due to both the mechanical and corrosion processes.

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