Month: October 2017


COMPLYING WITH ASME CODE B31.1 Understandably, safety is the main concern per the requirements set forth by the ASME and those responsible for the production, maintenance, and overall performance within facilities that house high energy piping systems. Each operating company is responsible for the safe operation of its critical components which requires a dedicated program

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Failures in HRSG Bypass Desuperheaters

Over the last few years, Thielsch Engineering has been involved in the inspection, evaluation, and repair of multiple through-wall failures in Bypass Desuperheaters used in combined cycle power plants. The Desuperheater components are designed to operate for short periods of time during start-up to reduce the temperature of steam entering the condenser or to maintain

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Key Elements to Developing an Effective FAC Program

In recent years, several catastrophic failures in the feedwater piping of utility steam power, nuclear power plants and pulp and paper facilities have been attributed to wall thinning of the piping enhanced by a phenomenon termed “Flow-Accelerated Corrosion” (FAC). FAC affects certain piping systems exposed to flowing water or wet steam. The rate of metal

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