Month: December 2016

Deaerators: Failure Causes and Considerations

Background In 1971, a rupture occurred in a deaerator heater installed in a power plant. In 1979, the head of a deaerator storage tank separated suddenly around the shell circumference alongside the girth weld. Two additional deaerator heaters ruptured in 1983 in the United States, with catastrophic consequences to personnel working at the respective plants.

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As Presented at ASME 2016 – Code Compliance for CPS (video with slides)

We have all heard the term, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.” In the case of power plants that squeaky wheel tends to be boiler tube failures. Unfortunately, piping is quiet, until it ISN’T. It goes without saying that high-energy piping systems are essential to the safe and cost-effective operation of power plants. Unfortunately, the

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CPS Code Compliant Program

Is your High Energy Piping in need of a code compliant program? Look no further, now you can have 4-SYTE. With 4-SYTE you can be fully compliant with ease. From planning and documenting your inspections, to accessing procedure protocol, safety has never been so easy. Learn more today by contacting Pamela Hamblin, Director of Business

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