Month: May 2017


Recently Thielsch Engineering evaluated a valve stem that was reported to have experienced rapid erosion in service.  Another valve stem had also failed in service in a similar manner at the same facility. The steam turbine stop control valve was manufactured by General Electric (GE).  The valve was operated in a GE two on one

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Piping Failures and the Importance of Hanger Walkdowns

Piping failures related to pipe support deficiencies usually involve throughwall leak conditions although in rare cases, they can involve catastrophic ruptures. Throughwall leaks have been traced, for example, to excessive bending moments caused by topped-out or bottomed-out spring hangers. Spring hangers bottom out when the downward travel range has been exceeded. This results in a

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4-SYTE – Your Solution to Asset & Data Management

4-SYTE – Your Solution to Asset & Data Management Previously Recorded on May 25, 2017 2:00 PM EDT – Register to view the recording here: Chances are you are interested in this webinar because you are frustrated with your current method of managing your critical assets. As we know, the Energy environment is very

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