Thielsch Employees Gather for Good News


On June 26th, Thielsch Engineering, Inc. (TEI) gathered nearly 500 of their employees for the annual ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Program) breakfast.  TEI has been 100% employee-owned since 2008.  This ownership stake means that our employees have a vested financial interest in the company’s success, which fosters a sense of teamwork, respect and appreciation for each other and our shared goals.

The annual event is a wonderful opportunity for members of various divisions to interact with each other and learn about the exciting opportunities they are involved in.  The formal presentation contained messages from the Director of Human Resources about the continued growth of Thielsch’s employees and the diversity of their skills.  The Safety Manager highlighted that for the 3rd year in a row, TEI earned an Experience Modification Ratio (EMR) of under 1.0.  The Vice President of Finance outlined the significant investments the company made during the previous year in education, training, capital equipment and new locations.  The President outlined the changing markets in TEI’s primary industries and the broad opportunities available to our businesses.  And lastly, a member of our Board of Directors spoke about the uniqueness of Thielsch’s 100% ESOP status and the long term benefits each employee would derive from their tenure at the company.

2014 showed significantly increased revenue for Thielsch, both profit as well as pre-tax income.  It was no surprise that a great deal of excitement filled the room when our invitation of “Shareholders Open Your Statements” was announced, applauding the 11.6% increase in share price from 2013. This news garnered Thielsch’s recent 5th place rank in Rhode Island’s Fastest Growing Companies, granting Shareholders a renewed sense of accomplishment and pride.

Looking forward, Thielsch Engineering anticipates another successful year of growth and strategic business development while deepening client relationships and partner alliances.