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Solutions with 4-SYTE webinar: 

Friday, June 15, 2018
1:00 PM EDT

Who should join? 

Are you are frustrated with your current method of managing your inspection and repair history for your power boiler and covered piping? Are you are having difficulty determining areas for inspection, repair or replacement of your piping and boiler components?  Are you are struggling to develop a comprehensive scope of work that utilizes your budget in the wisest manner? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you have come to the right place today!

This 30-minute webinar will give an overview of the 4-SYTE program’s features and benefits as well as a live demo of the system in action and help you understand how using 4-SYTE can help you work Smarter, NOT Harder! Less…

Not sure if 4-SYTE is for you?

Click the video below to learn about what 4-SYTE is and who it’s for.
If it resonates with you, join us next week for our Work Smarter, Not Harder webinar for a live demonstration of the program and learn more about the features and benefits.

Presenter Information:

Mrs. Pamela Hamblin, Director of Business Development and Operations of the 4-SYTE Systems Division at Thielsch Engineering.
In her 20+ years with Thielsch Engineering, Mrs. Hamblin has served in many capacities in the Field Engineering Services group.  She is credited with the development and implementation of Thielsch Engineering’s signature 4-SYTE Asset Management Program that is currently utilized in over 100 power plants across the United States.

Mrs. Hamblin has been selected as an expert speaker for respected industry conferences and has been published in numerous industry magazines.  Her published work includes multiple technical papers for ASME as well as feature articles in Power Engineering Magazine and Inspectioneering Journal.  Additionally, Mrs. Hamblin has been selected as a subject matter expert for boiler reliability and piping integrity programs and has provided educational webinars and speaking engagements for groups such as Global Risk Consultants and the Outage Experts.

Mrs. Hamblin also serves as an expert panelist on the ASME Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) for the Pressure Technology group and the ASME Power Plant Cycling Executive Advisory Committee.