Boiler Overhaul Project awarded to Thielsch Engineering

Thielsch Engineering was recently awarded a $2.76MM contract for the overhaul of Boiler No. 1 at Naval Station Newport located in Newport, Rhode Island.  Naval Station (NAVSTA) Newport is home to 50 Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and US Army Reserve commands and activities. Newport is the Navy’s premier site for training officers, officer candidates, senior enlisted personnel and midshipman candidates, as well as testing and evaluating advanced undersea warfare and development systems. Newport is also the home of the Navy’s most prestigious educational institution, the Naval War College. As the oldest such institution in continuous existence anywhere in the world, the college is organized to pursue and integrate both academic and research endeavors.

The contract awarded to Thielsch Engineering involved the overhaul of Boiler Unit No. 1, which is a dual fuel (oil and natural gas) boiler that was manufactured by the Riley Stoker Corporation.  The boiler was originally constructed in 1959 and has been in operation up through last heating season. The overhaul required replacing the failed and deficient tubular components of Boiler No. 1 and related equipment, specifically the removal and replacement of all boiler tubes, refractory, baffles, machining repair of waterwall and superheater header hand holes and drum manholes, and removal, reinstallation and repair of boiler skin as necessary for proper performance of work.  The boiler operates at 165psig at 450F with a maximum continuous steam capacity of 75,000 lbs/hr.   In total, Thielsch Engineering will be replacing in excess of 700 tubes and 3,125 cubic feet of insulation and refractory.

Thielsch is pleased to have been awarded this contract and look forward to working with Naval Station Newport on this and future projects. For additional information on Thielsch’s capabilities and services contact Mr. Peter Kennefick by email at or by phone at 1-800-829-8679.