A Time To Give Thanks

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As we prepare to welcome the holiday season, Thielsch Engineering, Inc. recognizes the importance of thanking all of those who help us remain a leader in advanced engineering. Many of our respected clients have trusted in our services since 1984 when Helmut Thielsch launched the firm.

Our clients are an amazing array of industry leaders who work hard to produce the necessities of life that many take for granted. From the energy we rely on daily to keep our families warm at night, to the leading manufacturers who are committed to producing the best products in the world, we thank you. Our support of one another is what America is made of, and we plan to continue to work collectively for all to prosper.

We would especially like to give thanks to all of those who make this company thrive-our team members. Thielsch Engineering, Inc. is proudly, “employee owned and employee grown.” We would not be here today without the dedication of our partners who demonstrate their expertise, advanced skills, and unmatched work ethic every day. Thank you for your commitment, and we wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.

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