Failure Never Happens Out of the Blue

In the competitive energy market of today, many plant engineers and managers find themselves tasked with minimizing the risk of failures of their critical components while simultaneously maximizing the reliability of the unit. Juggling these responsibilities, the average plant manager is wearing multiple hats at any given time, many of which can be outside of their expertise or comfort zone. Understanding the struggles of risk management,  asset integrity, and budgetary constraints, we developed our 4-SYTE System Strategy Program to provide a program that works FOR YOU, instead of you working for it.

At its core, 4-SYTE is a data management program. However, data management alone isn’t enough. We understand that to effectively manage the risk and reliability of your critical components, you need a tool that goes beyond helping you understand the design, inspection and repair/replacement history of your systems. Because it is paired with Thielsch’s 30+ years of industry expertise, we can provide you with a unit specific plan for inspection, repair and replacement, allowing for STRATEGIC asset management.

Key Features & Benefits of 4-SYTE

3-D Scale Models = Less Confusion

No Software = Effective Time Management

Industry Expertise = Eliminates Guesswork

Custom Search and Report = Track, Budget, Plan, Prepare

 Web Based = Flexible Access

Secure Access = Data Security


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Providing asset and data management as a SERVICE rather than a SOFTWARE enables the plant personnel to utilize their time in the wisest manner possible, reducing confusion, costs, and frustration.  Currently, 4-SYTE is installed and managed in over 60 facilities in the United States. With over a decade of proven service and commitment, 4-SYTE has established itself as the preferred industry program, providing you with a powerful tool for effective safety and risk management.

Thielsch Engineering, Inc. has spent the past 30 years working with America’s power producers and advanced manufacturers to ensure safety, reliability and profitability. As James Chiles, Author of Inviting Disaster states, “Failure never happens out of the blue, it propagates from flaws that eventually link up.”

The inevitability of failures occurring in the utility industry prompted Thielsch to pair its industry expertise with state of the art technology for data management. The resulting program, 4-SYTE, provides a Code compliant Operation and Maintenance system for your critical components.

Integrating the requirements of the Code with a user-friendly interactive platform, 4-SYTE gives you the resources you need to track, plan, budget and prevent providing knowledge capture that is usable and readily available.

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