The Time Is NOW – 4-SYTE

Strategic Solutions for Asset Management

High energy piping systems are among the highest safety concerns and boiler tube failure are the leading cause of lost availability. The industry struggles to accurately track historical inspections, repairs or replacements of these critical systems. As a solution to this industry trend, Thielsch Engineering has developed the Unit Specific programs for High Energy Piping Integrity and Boiler Reliability using our signature 4-SYTE System Strategy Program.

4-SYTE enables utility personnel to access, review and manage all previous inspections, repairs and recommendations associated with any area of their critical systems through this powerful data management program. The 3-D visualization of the components allows for easier understanding of the location of existing damage mechanisms and enables the tracking of these mechanisms with the click of a mouse. This program, paired with Thielschโ€™s industry expertise in root cause analysis and failure prevention, provides a method of developing a strategy to improve reliability and risk management. 4-SYTE is an essential tool to developing an understanding of the condition of the critical systems in your facilities and developing a strategy to provide safe and reliable continued service.

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