HEP- Avoid Cracking Under Pressure – Recorded Webinar available NOW on You Tube


High Energy Piping ‐ Avoid Cracking Under Pressure,

Presenter: Pamela Hamblin ‐ Director of Development & Operations 4‐SYTE Systems

Thielsch Engineering, Inc.


As high energy piping systems age, the risk of piping failure  increases.  Prolonged  operation,  particularly  at  elevated  temperatures,  results  in  metallurgical degradation  increasing  the  potential  for  cracking  and  crack  propagation  until  a  final  failure  stage  is reached by the component. As a result, power plant operators  have  become  progressively  aware  of  the  importance  of  condition  assessments  for  high‐energy  piping  systems.  The  industry  standard “cookie  cutter”  approach  is  not  a  suitable  solution  to  maintain  the  integrity  of  high  energy  piping systems in today’s competitive market. Global Risk Consultants in cooperation with Thielsch Engineering hosted this one hour webinar which is now available on your tube.  The  webinar  examined  a  unit  specific  strategic  approach  to  piping management including the following considerations:

  • Design
  • Inspection
  • Modification
  • Operation
  • Repair
  • Replacement

This comprehensive approach has resulted in avoiding both catastrophic and leak type failures for plants utilizing the strategy. Implementing a unit specific, targeted plan enables utility owners and operators to succeed in today’s competitive  market  by  increasing  the  unit’s  reliability  and  availability  without  sacrificing  operational  or  environmental safety.

Contact Pamela Hamblin at phamblin@thielsch.com if you would like additional information on the program.