HEP- Avoid Cracking Under Pressure – Recorded Webinar available NOW on You Tube


High Energy Piping ā€ Avoid Cracking Under Pressure,

Presenter: Pamela Hamblin ā€ Director of Development & Operations 4ā€SYTE Systems

Thielsch Engineering, Inc.


As high energy piping systems age, the risk of piping failureĀ  increases.Ā  ProlongedĀ  operation,Ā  particularlyĀ  atĀ  elevatedĀ  temperatures,Ā  resultsĀ  inĀ  metallurgical degradationĀ  increasingĀ  theĀ  potentialĀ  forĀ  crackingĀ  andĀ  crackĀ  propagationĀ  untilĀ  aĀ  finalĀ  failureĀ  stageĀ  is reached by the component. As a result, power plant operatorsĀ  haveĀ  becomeĀ  progressivelyĀ  awareĀ  ofĀ  theĀ  importanceĀ  ofĀ  conditionĀ  assessmentsĀ  forĀ  highā€energyĀ  pipingĀ  systems.Ā  TheĀ  industryĀ  standard ā€œcookieĀ  cutterā€Ā  approachĀ  isĀ  notĀ  aĀ  suitableĀ  solutionĀ  toĀ  maintainĀ  theĀ  integrityĀ  ofĀ  highĀ  energyĀ  piping systems in todayā€™s competitive market. Global Risk Consultants in cooperation with Thielsch Engineering hosted this one hour webinarĀ which is now available on your tube.Ā  TheĀ  webinarĀ  examinedĀ  aĀ  unitĀ  specificĀ  strategicĀ  approachĀ  toĀ  piping management including the following considerations:

  • Design
  • Inspection
  • Modification
  • Operation
  • Repair
  • Replacement

This comprehensive approach has resulted in avoiding both catastrophic and leak type failures for plants utilizing the strategy. Implementing a unit specific, targeted plan enables utility owners and operators to succeed in todayā€™s competitiveĀ  marketĀ  byĀ  increasingĀ  theĀ  unitā€™sĀ  reliabilityĀ  andĀ  availabilityĀ  withoutĀ  sacrificingĀ  operationalĀ  orĀ  environmental safety.

Contact Pamela Hamblin at phamblin@thielsch.com if you would like additional information on the program.