The Key to Safety and Reliability in your Power Plant

Insight ~ Foresight ~ Track ~ Budget

Introducing Thielsch’s 4-SYTE System Strategy program. This program was developed to minimize the confusion involved with planning and understanding the unique needs of your facility. Our goal is to help you strategically plan the usage of your budgetary dollars, and overall modernize the way you and your personnel organize and access your previous design and inspection history and your future inspection requirements. Join me for a few moments to learn if this program is right for you.

Do you find it difficult to

  • Prioritize areas for inspection, repair or replacement for your piping and boiler components.
  • Develop a comprehensive scope of work that utilizes YOUR budget in the wisest manner.
  • Locate critical information such as isometrics and blueprints, hanger data, material specs, R-1 forms, or previous inspection reports.
  • Are you finding that your facilities are getting older and your in-house industry expertise is getting thinner?

Thielsch Engineering has spent the last decade developing and perfecting the 4-SYTE program in response to the needs of our industry and our clients. We have geared the program to help you:

  • Understand the history of CRITICAL components
  • Accurately track trends
  • Allocate funds efficiently
  • Prioritize inspections, repairs & replacements.
  • Minimize outage planning efforts.
  •  Reduce forced outage rate

With the ability to perform custom searches using a web based platform, our program offers a Unit Specific Plan integrated with Interactive 3-D models. Because our program is offered as a service and not a software, we are able to provide turnkey solutions that link your critical systems to the technical resources YOU need.

Let’s take a brief look at what this means to YOU:
The ability to perform customizable searches and reporting is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
Simply selecting your search parameters and criteria and then clicking the search button produces results in a matter of seconds. All search results can then be exported to excel and used for your desire. Popular searches include such criteria as material specifications, repair history, inspection history and failure history. And of course, the most popular, as shown in this example, priorities for inspection.

Our program is accessed online though a secure website which enables collaboration between multiple locations. Data management simplifies the organization of past and future inspections, repairs and replacements. This feature makes it easy for the user to determine what to inspect, when to inspect, and how to inspect. Additionally, you are able to access all engineering reports, design documents, R-1 forms, and images with a simple click of the mouse.

One of the key components that 4-SYTE provides that NO other program does, is the strategic plan for inspection and replacement/repair of the critical components within YOUR facility. Thielsch has the industry expertise of over 30 years of failure analysis and prevention. We know not only where components are likely to fail, but we also know why they fail. We have a library of over 12,000 engineering reports documenting industry damage mechanisms and failures in critical components associated with power plants across the world. We utilized this industry expertise to develop a proprietary Risk and Reliability Matrix which incorporates UNIT SPECIFIC information including the design, historical and budgetary considerations. As a client of 4-SYTE, the matrix is employed to create a strategy for YOUR SPECIFIC NEEDS to help you not only better understand the condition of your equipment, but also to help you plan and budget for continued safe and reliable service.

With the 4-SYTE System Strategy program, Utilities get the benefits of the software, without the headaches or personnel commitment because Thielsch provides the FULL SERVICE PACKAGE.

  • Because the program is accessed via the internet, there is no user end software purchase needed for installation.
  • Because we handle the collection, review and set-up of all of the data, there is no user end confusion, frustration or plant personnel hours spent sorting through it all.
  • Because we handle the maintenance and updates of the data and program, facilities don’t have to depend on their internal personnel to update the program, update new inspection reports etc.

With 4-SYTE YOU possess the Key to having a program that works FOR YOU, instead of you working for it.

4-SYTE has been used in the Utility Industry for almost a decade and is currently installed in over 60 Unit’s across North America. A proven program with a loyal and satisfied clientele, 4-SYTE continues to lead the Industry in providing state of the art solutions for Risk and Reliability.

We truly hope that this information has been helpful to you in understanding how 4-SYTE can benefit you in accessing and managing key information involving your critical components. At Thielsch we are always striving to bring our clients the latest technology and we look forward to partnering with you to help you achieve your safety and reliability goals using 4-SYTE.

For questions or to schedule a demonstration please contact:

Pamela Hamblin

Cell: 440-537-2490
Office: 561-353-5804