4-SYTE Develops HRSG Prototype for Florida Power Producer

HRSG - Thielsch

Thielsch’s 4-SYTE Division recently completed a HRSG Module for a Florida based power producer in an effort to demonstrate how the 4-SYTE Boiler Reliability Program can prevent unwarranted failures and outages with a unit specific reliability targeted approach. The power producer that collaborated with the 4-SYTE team to create this module, immediately recognized the benefits.

The 4-SYTE team is currently discussing a plan to incorporate a High-Energy Piping Integrity Module to compliment the completed HRSG Module. The two combined programs will provide the power facility with an 8-10 year unit specific risk and reliability prioritization schedule.

To learn how the Unit Specific 4-SYTE Boiler Reliability or High-Energy Piping Integrity Programs can help your organization succeed in 2014, contact Pamela Hamblin-Smoske at (561) 353-5804 or email her at psmoske@thielsch.com.